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Cassandra Sampson has a passion to encourage leaders to operate in the fullness of their call. Her primary focus is five-fold ministry leaders and marketplace leaders. 


Cassandra Sampson is a spiritual mother/midwife, consultant, author, and speaker who motivate people to produce kingdom results.  She operates in the authority of equipping, empowering, and releasing people into their purpose.  She is dedicated to helping people come to the realization and activation of their purpose.

Cassandra Sampson is dedicated to the service and the work of Jesus Christ.  One of her desires is to see the church overflowing out of the 4 walls of the building. Another desire of hers is to assist those who are in dire straits.

Cassandra Sampson was solidified as an apostle in April of 2012.   Cassandra founded Zebulun Christian Ministries. She was the founder of a parachurch ministry called Women of Destiny.  Cassandra Sampson served as co-pastor of Faith & Victory Christian Outreach Center.  She has worked on staff as Community Outreach Coordinator at Truth Tabernacle Ministries.  Cassandra has also served as the Prayer Director at Faith & Victory Church in Winterville, NC.  She also served as the Executive Director of Operation Breaking through, NC.  

Cassandra Sampson is presently employed as a manager of a domestic violence shelter.  She is an advisor for Around Him Publishing Co. and is on the Board of Directors for the 4 Day Movement and the Solo Moms Movement. Cassandra is the covering Apostle for Harvesters Church and serves as a Spiritual Mother to many sons and daughters.

Cassandra Sampson is the mother of 4 adult children, Nicole, Brandon, Ashley, and Brittany. She has two amazing grandchildren; Kori and Ethan.

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